The True Satisfaction That Comes From Any Work

Ricardo Guaderrama Caraveo
2 min readMay 31, 2023

It’s rather simple, it’s about the challenges and obstacles that you can overcome more than anything else.

We have it all wrong. We believe that what makes us happy is not having to do anything other than playing video games and, I don’t know, going to museums and walking around.

Playing video games, to give an example is perfect for demonstrating how much we like to overcome obstacles. Dark Souls and the harder games out there show just how much we love a good challenge.

But we think, or at least I do sometimes, that life should be just easy. As in, how cool would it be to have a lot of money from my dad and be able to travel and do the things that I actually want to do? Like going out to take photographs and have a hike in cool places?

But the reality is that just as easy Nintendo Switch games are just boring for an adult, I am guessing that the same thing happens when you are an adult and you have nothing to do.

I just got better from Covid. I laid around for 4 straight days because I felt like shit. I watched Succession, almost finished it, I played Zelda, and I did absolutely nothing productive. By day 4, I wanted to kill myself. I was bored out of my mind but too dumb to do anything productive.

I feel better now and have these thoughts in my head.

True satisfaction comes from having obstacles in your life and going head-on at them and coming out successful.

If you don’t like anything, or if you wish something were different, well, there you have it, there is work to do, fortunately.