meditation on what to stand by, no matter what.

What is it exactly, the central thing in my argument? To say: “I want to be a rebel”, this is, against the lack of meaning in the universe. What else is out there that I cannot stand? Is there something particular that makes up for the general?, is there something son unbearable and so disgusting that a feelling of rightousness springs from my being and enforces me to let down every categorization and stereotipization forced on me?

I believe that is what moves Banksy (see This beautiful movement against insurrection. But insurrection against what, exactly? It is fascinating, a revolution. Just what it is that we want, what moves a true revolutionary? Is it something so cheesy as global love and brotherhood? Any revolutionary that respects himself needs to have a fine reason if he is to claim this reasons.

Ignorance, prevails in modern revolutionaries. Back in the times of Camus and Sartre, a revolutionary was a synonim of a writer and a philosopher, and with good reason. Who can possibly argue anything about how things ought to be if his soul motivation is the appraisal of the unquestioned values he’s been fed upon since he was born. Pathetic, any revolutionary that doesn’t question his motives and every single thought pattern he has is just aimless.

What is it exactly, I cannot stand, what is unjustice to me? Is it the negation of resources? or is it just my feeling of ignorance and envy, and envy, is ignorance and copy, suicide. Suicide prevails. In an epoch in which everything is given, every cool action is just served, and thinking is nuled. Suicide prevails, we are zombies, buying black vans in the 2000’s and white adidas in the 2010’s. What are we teaching everybody? not to think, not to stand out. Because, standing out, is dangerous, and that is the reason why psycho’s rule, cause they give no fucks, and the herd, is happy to follow and be eaten.

Why am I so frustrated then? Am I frustrated because of the collective suicide that is going on? Or maybe, I am frustrated about the childish and pathetic part of myself that wants to belong so bad? I stumbled into an answer, frustration, goes on, in an individual level. It’s just a personal fight.

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