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So, there are several things that need to be not just in my mind but in yours as well. I’ve been reading this book, public opinion, lately. It is absolutely and illuminatingly, amazing. We operate by stereotypes, our worlds are pretty lonely. I am here, sitting at a coffee, remembering the last post I made, precisely about this topic, but now, several events have happened leading me to the necessity of writing. So, stereotypes. I had already argued that we live in our worlds pretty alone and our steretypes help us in figuring we have a little universe in which we understand and have an idea of everything. We do not, our experiences mold us, our critic, will be based on what we have lived. This is extremely dangerous today. Our so called “democracy” is not very functional, I mean, can you honestly look at me in the face and tell me that every vote counts equal? This is simply not true. Which way is the best way to lead? To govern? Can we honestly say that a factory worker and a scientist have the same opinion?

We live our lives within what experiences we have. Education, is extremely important. It offers us light in the darkness, and friend, we live in darkness. So, in democracy, every person is worried for what is most close to them, such as family, jobs, money, racism and so on. Democracy is supposed to be good for everybody, but it just does not work this way. If it were good for everybody we would not be struggling with 8 persons having more money than one third of THE WHOLE WORLD population, I mean, come on. We have stumbled into a joke of society.

Because society, is manufactured, our so called democracy is just a system to live by, it is a kind of meaning we all seem to need and now it is SO embedded on our stereotypes that we believe is something so magical and so real that cannot possibly be denied, just like religion. What happens when people lose meaning? Just as Voltaire said, we would need to give meaning to them, feed them some good religion.

And now, here we are. We have a system that is not working, and people using made-meanings to feed the meaninglessness of the universe to the scared crowds. I am just rambling, but now, I successfully did what I wanted! I took ramble thoughts of my head, so you could share them with me. Now, my friend, am a little less alone in the wolrd. Because, intellectually, I’m dying.

For the love of god =D, leave a comment.




Mountaineer, writer, Stoic, Gryffindor.

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Ricardo Guaderrama Caraveo

Ricardo Guaderrama Caraveo

Mountaineer, writer, Stoic, Gryffindor.

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